Prior Notice

Rezzak Consulting

We do the product notice, delivery notice and coordinate the laboratories process and taking letter of conformity for the below list;

1- Foods for Particular Nutritional Uses 

Food Supplement, Food for Athletes, Infant Food, Infant  Formula, Food Supplement for Baby and Children, Low Energy Foods for Weight Loss, Gluten-Free Foods

2- Energy Drink

3- Non-alcoholic Drink

4- Alcoholic Drink

5- Fruit Juice

6- Frozen and Dried Products

7- Fruit and Vegetables

8- Pastry Products

9- Candy

10- Chocolate and chocolate products

11- Tea, herbal tea and spices

12- Cacao and cacao products

13- The products formed from the blank and only one component

14- Cereals,pulse, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and oil seeds and fruits etc.

Prior Notice Prior Notice Prior Notice