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Chia seeds, tiny tiny, brown, cream-colored, round, well-known seeds. However, with the publication of scientific research in the recent period, it is a seed that has gained in importance and started to be used by many people.

It contains more iron than spinach, more vitamin C than orange, more omega-3 than flaxseed, more calcium from milk, more potassium from bananas, more antioxidants than blueberry and green tea, higher quality protein than soybeans.

Chia seeds are the seeds of a plant whose origins date back to the Aztecs, blooming purple and white flowers about one meter tall. It is usually produced in Mexico and now produces in a wide range of countries. As the research continues, it seems to be much more popular.

Don't be fooled by the smallness of the seeds when you see them ... There is a very strong source of nutrients in these tiny seeds. Its main content is protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium, calcium, manganese phosphorus and potassium minerals.

If we summarize the identified benefits under eight headings:

1.Chai Seeds Carry Large Amount of Nutrition with Very Small Calories:

Often recommended daily use 28-30 grams up to recommended Chia seeds

28 grams;

Fiber: 11 grams

Protein: 4 grams

Fat: 9 grams (5 grams of this is Omega 3)

The mineral values ​​of 28 grams at the level of daily need,

Calcium: 18% of your daily need

Manganese: 30% of your daily need

Magnesium: 30% of your daily need

Phosphorus: Meets 27% of daily needs.

These values ​​seem particularly attractive given that they contain only 137 calories and 1 gram of digestible carbohydrates in 28 grams.

2. Chia Seeds Antioxidant Source:

The intake of antioxidants in foods has proven to have enormous health effects. Most importantly, antioxidants damage the cells that cause cancer and aging and prevent their growth and growth, and Chia Seeds are a powerful source of antioxidants.

3. Chia Seeds Fiber Source:

Almost all of the carbohydrates it contains are fiber. It is one of the richest fiber sources in the world.

40% by weight is fiber. These fibers absorb water up to 12 times their own weight. After absorbing the water, they come to a gelish consistency and increase the saturation feeling when consumed. Foods slow down digestion and thus cause you to get fewer calories.

4.Chia Seeds is a Source of High Quality Protein:

High-quality protein means that the amino acid profile is rich and balanced in proportion.

Since protein intake creates a sense of saturation for a long time, the desire to consume food decreases by 60% and night snacks by 50%. Chia seeds, 14% by weight of protein, are a very good source of protein, especially for vegetarians.

5.Chia Seeds High Source of Omega-3:

Research has shown that Chia Seeds contain more Omega_3 than salmon. Subsequently, it lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, increases HDL (good) cholesterol and reduces inflammation.

6.Chia Seeds Supports Bone Health:

With its high content of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, it is an important support especially for the non-milkers in the preservation of bone health.

7. Chia Seeds Make Life Easier for Diabetes Patients:

The most successful results of the studies with Chia seeds were obtained in studies on diabetes patients.

In this study, 20 grams of diabetic patients were given 37 grams of Chia Seeds per day for 12 weeks, and the risk factor values ​​were significantly decreased at the end of the analyzes. (For example, the level of inflammation in the blood hs-CRP decreased by 40%)

8. Chia Seeds Improves Exercise Performance:

In the past, Aztec and Yeasts used Chia Seeds for maximum performance. Based on these studies, athletes increased their performance by providing higher nutritional value with lower sugar intake.

You can make a lot of food with unchaste Chia seeds, you can consume all kinds of food, desserts and drinks.

In another article, we repeat it, healing is hidden in nature…

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